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Do what you want to do, enjoy what you do and use it to touch those around you.

Feb 8, 2014

Zia's Red Door

Four our anniversary last fall, we tried a new (to us) restaurant - Zia's Red Door.  The atmosphere was wonderful, the food was fabulous and it was a wonderful evening out.  We enjoyed it so much that when we wanted a place to celebrate Tom's 40th birthday with his parents, we went back.  We were even more impressed the second time around.

First, the food.  Tom ordered the scallops both times we have been there.  The are cooked extraordinarily well - fantastic color, not rubbery, wonderful flavor.  Served on a bed of risotto and sautéed spinach that complimented it very well.  I have enjoyed both the Sea Bass with Risotto and Tuna with fresh pasta.  Not fond of seafood?  Mom's steak was expertly cooked and had wonderful accompaniments.

Next, the attention to detail.  Once they learned that we had a soy allergy, they took multiple steps to ensure we could enjoy our evening.  Anything sautéed was cooked in olive oil instead of the vegetable blend.  The waiter was in the kitchen when they started to cook the Filet, identified that the cooking spray they used contained soy, so they cleaned the grill and re-fired a new steak.  It was identified that all desserts contained soy, but the chef had a 'private stash' of pineapple, so they brought a bowl of that.

Finally, the wine and drink list.  Zia's has a wine bar, so the wine list is extensive.  They offer different wine flights that allow you to try a sample af a few.  They also offer other flights - Scotch, bourbon and Walker.  It allows you to try a sample of multiple varieties without getting drunk.

Zia's is the new to go restaurant on our special occasion list.  Learn more at and,  if you are in Harrisburg, stop and enjoy a meal.  You'll be glad you did.

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