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Mar 23, 2014

Big Island - Where to Eat?

While on the Island of Hawaii, we had lots of options - including eating in our room as it had a full kitchen.  If you are staying on a resort on the north end of the island, you can always eat there.  We often opted to travel to a different location.  These are a selection of our favorites and, of course, our luau.  One of the biggest thing about any restaurant we went to - they were very serious about taking care of you if you knew they had an allergy.

First, you are in Hawaii, how can you NOT go to a luau?  We went to the luau at the Mauna Kea Beach note.  The there were six buffet lines - two each of cold, hot and dessert.  The hot buffet line offered not only the traditional smoked pork but also a smoked turkey option.  Of course, while there, I tried the traditional Hawaiian dishes, as you must when you visit.  This luau has a wonderful telling of the Polynesian story of how the island came into being.

Next stop - breakfast.  I must say, anywhere that offers coconut syrup, order something that uses it.  First up - The Hawaiian Style Cafe.

The menu is extensive for breakfast or lunch.  The pancakes are plate sized.  If the server asks if you want one or two, I suggest one.  I didn't listed.  I ordered the coconut pancake special with a side of pineapple sausage.  I don't think I managed half.

Next, for breakfast, brunch or lunch, we liked the Island Lava Java.  Particularly, the one in Kona.  How could you not enjoy this view?  

Some of us enjoyed the island pancakes while others had lunch (on our Sunday Brunch visit).  They even offer an eggs Benedict option with fish instead of bacon.  Sadly, I never tried it, but it is still there, right?

For Lunch, drive north to the King's View Cafe.

They make WONDERFUL pizza and, while you might be tempted to order Hawaiian pizza, make sure you also order a barbecue pork pizza.  YUM!

For another lunch, or dinner, there is the Kona Brewing Company - especially if you like craft beer.  They offer a 4 pack sampler so you can try multiple beers OR your party can share them.  I discovered Koko Brown and was delighted to learn I can get it at home - at least seasonally.

Finally, the only place we went to for dinner twice - Pueo's Osteria.

Locally sourced Italian food that is fabulous.  The flat pasta is all made in house and the tube pastas are all from Italy.  They offer a Bolognese sauce that is a mix of beef, boar and veal - delicious!  They offer different specials each night as well as an extensive wine list.  The chef was at another four star restaurant and they wanted to transfer the chef to Minneapolis.  If you lived in Hawaii, would YOU want to move to Minnesota, especially after this winter?  He declined the offer and struck out on his own.  I am glad he did.

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