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May 10, 2014

Jeep Cover Extrordinaire!

We recently decided that Dogs with long white fur and a Jeep with black carpeted cargo areas DON'T mix.  That isn't taking into consideration muddy paws, drool and other assorted things that can go into the carpet area.  We tried to buy a general cargo liner, but it was just too big for a liberty.

Enter AutoAnything.  We could order a canvas cargo liner made specifically for the year Liberty I own.  Water resistant canvas in my choice of color, so I chose black.  It took a bit to ship, but no longer than specified at the time of order and there were many e-mails keeping me appraised of progress.  The cover was well worth it.  The Instruction sheet included initials at the bottom.

As I unrolled the canvas, I found interesting things.  First, they included dog biscuits.  I did not tell them I was ordering this for a dog, it must be a common occurrence.  Either way, it was VERY thoughtful and unexpected.

Once unrolled, I found that the initials on the instruction sheet match initials I found on the back of the cover.  This cover was cut, stitched and sized by hand.

This cover installs with Velcro.  Came with optional tape in the event that the Velcro would not stick to areas of the carpet such as the backs of the seats.  It even has a zipper perfectly spaced for where the 2/3 split is in the seat so I can to put down one side, not the entire seat.

We had it installed in time for an outing with Meg that could have ended with a VERY muddy dog (hiking trail + rain)

If you need a custom seat cover, contact Auto Anything.  They were very clear with shipping times and easy to work with.  The craft and shipping package was perfect for the item shipped and not over the top, as so many packages are today.  Try them, you'll like them.

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