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Nov 24, 2012

Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area

Today and tomorrow, we will take a break from Thanksgiving desserts to meet travel locations.  Today, it is Joseph E Ibberson Conservation area in Halifax, Pennsylvania.

To find it, cross Peter's Mountain into Halifax on route 255.  After you reach the bottom of mountain, you will come to Camp Hebron Road - turn right.  There was a PADCNR indicating the turn when I visited.  Follow Camp Hebron Road until you see the sign above on your right.  The parking area is a one way road and, when you are parked, you have a wonderful view of the valley.

When you are ready to begin, there is a sign board that includes a brochure.  In that brochure is a map, so take one along just in case.  There is also a wooden board that gives a nice overview of the available trails.

Just beside that trail is the beginning to the Evergreen Trail - blazed in red.  I started on this trail and followed it to the left to where it met the blue Victoria trail.  The trails are very well marked.

I stayed on the blue trail - it crossed the beige Rock trail and the pink Whitetail Trail then turned into what appeared to be an old road and started to climb the mountain.

At the top of the mountain, you will come to the end of the blue trail and a steel gate.  Just across the gate you will see white blazes and another trail - this is the Appalachian Trail.  The view from the top is quite nice, but you can only see it when there are no leaves on the trees.  You can, at this point, turn left onto the AT and follow it to the blue trail and continue to follow it until you come to the pink trail.  I did not take this option, I walked back down on the blue trail.

Not only is there a better view after the leaves fall, Abby has a great time playing in the piles of leaves on the way back down to the pink trail.

As you walk back down the mountain, you will find where the pink trail crosses your path.  Turn left onto the pink trail.  Continue to follow the pink trail - it will join with the yellow trail for awhile.  When the pink and yellow trail diverge again, you will be at the pond.

There is a bench on the far side of the pond.  If you would like to sit for awhile, continue past the pond and turn onto the next left trail.  You will see a trailer ahead of you and the bench is just behind that.  If you see the Eagle Path, in blue, it can be taken, but it is very close to the water and was not as well maintained when I was there.  Continue on the pink path until it meets back to the red path - there will be a small cottage where they meet.  At this point, you have done 2.5 to 3 miles (depending on how many side trips you take around the pond, etc) - a mile less if you don't climb to the top of the blue trail.  If you want to have a slightly longer walk, bear right and follow the red trail back to where you started.  If you want to get done, turn left and head back to the parking area.

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