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Nov 29, 2012

Ned Smith Center

Another gem for hiking in Central Pennsylvania is the Ned Smith Center for Nature and Arts.  Nestled in Millersburg, Dauphin County, this site has miles of hiking trails that are well marked and well maintained.  To get there from route 22 in Harrisburg, take the Halifax exit.  Follow 225 over Peter's mountain until you come to route 147 North.  Follow 147 North to route 209 North.  From route 209, you will turn right onto Water Company Road - well marked with both a street sign and an indicator of Ned Smith Center.  Travel down Water Company Road and you will see the entrance to Ned Smith Center on your Right. 

Park in the parking area and follow the path to the right of the building - just to the right of the handicapped spaces in the picture below.

Once you get to the end of the concrete walkway, you will see the entrance to the walking trails.

The first set of trails you come to are the North Trails.  These are three nested loops that have a great view of the creek you can cross and the other ridge line managed by the center.

When you finish exploring the North Trails, you continue down your original path to the bridge that crosses the creek.  Please note - as you are crossing the creek, you are getting closer to the area that allows hunting.  The line of demarcation is the Rail to Trail Trail.  It is recommended that you wear orange any time you hike on any of the center's trails during hunting season.  If you do not have orange and are hiking while the gift shop is open, they have vests they can loan you.

The totem, above, is at the far end of the bridge.  You will turn right and follow the trail up the hill.  When you come to a Y in the trail, stay left and you have a gentler climb to the rail trail.  When you get there, turn left.  Shortly, you will come to the Hemlock Trail on your left.  This is the only other trail that does not travel through hunting territory.

This trail loops back onto the path you just followed - there was a sign for it not long after you branched left at the Y.  This trail has a nice, roped off sitting area overlooking the creek.

Although our hiking was limited due to the hunting, it was a nice day and someplace that we would like to hike more extensively.

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