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Apr 9, 2011

Accent Home Repair

Recently, after thirteen years, we had the means and motivation to finish projects that have been in process for 13 years.  Hanging a door, devising a cover for a large access hole in the wall, rehanging a door that left a lot to be desired and replacing a ceiling fan that stopped working was one estimate we needed to have.  Two other times, we had received estimates and commitments, both times the contractor backed out.  This time, when I talked to Brian at Accent Home Repair, I specified that we wanted one estimate for that work and a second estimate for a kitchenette, but the second one may take awhile.  Brian was willing to stop out, give us the estimates, and fit us in - knowing that we may only be doing the small project.   He made great suggestions for the projects and was willing to work with us.  The estimates were returned, and they were more than reasonable.  Ultimately, we did both Projects - complete with last minute add ons of under cabinet lights and another canister light.

Brian and Randy did fantastic work, were very flexible and the care they took in their work was much appreciated.  So, if you are in the Camp Hill, PA area and need home improvement work, call Brian at Accent Home Repair.  From small interior projects, to large exterior projects, he is the person for you.

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