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Aug 6, 2014

What is Creme Fraiche?

If you read recent posts, you will see a lot of creme fraiche.  You may have wondered what, exactly, is creme fraiche?  Simply put - it is essentially sour cream, just not as sour.  Anyplace you use sour cream, you can use creme fraiche.  Why do I use it so much?  Hubby doesn't like sour cream, but he likes creme fraiche.  Unfortunately, when you put a fancy name on a food, you put a fancy price tag, too.  You can find creme fraiche in the store, but you pay a premium for it.  Luckily, we just took a cheese making class and learned how to make it.  It is VERY easy.  From that class, at the Kitchen Shoppe in Carlisle, as developed by Chef Jim Lupia, this is the recipe.  You will need a food thermometer and heavy pot.

1 Pint Heavy Whipping Cream (not ultrapasturized, if you can find it) - Room Temperature
1/4 tsp Mesophilic Aroma B Culture
1/4 Cup Water

Sterilize your pot, spoons, 1 quart jar and a 1 cup measuring cup.

Put water in measuring cup, add Mesophilic Aroma B Culture.  Set aside.

Pour the cream into the pot and heat gently to 86 degrees.  Remove from heat, add the Aroma B solution and stir thoroughly.  Pour into a 1 quart jar.  Cover jar loosely.  Place in a warm place (approximately 72 degrees).  Let stand 12 hours.  Gently stir - it will be the thickness of very creamy yogurt.  You can use it right away or refrigerate and it will thicken slightly.  Keep refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.

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