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Sep 25, 2014

Guitar Heaven

While at Crystal Cave, hubby found a brochure for Martin Guitars.  It was only about an hour from where we were, so off we went.  When you arrive, you are given a tour sticker and a time.  While waiting, you can go to the gift shop or to the museum (I highly recommend the museum).

When it is time for your tour, you are given a headset so you can clearly hear the tour guide, no matter where you are in line.  You start in the custom shop and see people finishing guitars and putting them in a case where they sit for 4 days before being played again to ensure they are holding the tune.

One of the next things you see is a HUGE guitar - a float from a parade.

As you continue the tour, you see all of the hand made steps taken to build a guitar along with a few machines (a laser cutter and laser wood engraver).    We were even fortunate enough to see an inlaid guitar being worked one - one of only 50 being made.  Selling price?  Over 100 K.  We also learned that they no longer use elephant ivory as of about a year ago - they use bleached cow bone.

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