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Sep 22, 2014

Tour Day

We live in Central Pennsylvania.  Lots of things to do here if you are a 'tourist' - but if you live here, you just never seem to get there.  Hubby and I decided to end that today and found a link between two of them with AMF.

Stop 1 - Harley Davidson Vehicle Operations Center, York, PA.

Hubby and I ride.  Even if we didn't, this is a long standing company with a great history. It is also the only American Motorcycle Manufacturer.  The tour starts with a 10 minute video followed by a walking tour inside the factory that takes about 45 minutes.  You are given a pin (that you keep), safety goggles and a headset so you can hear the tour guide no matter where you are in line.  It is amazing to see the fabrication.  I'll admit, I geeked out a little when I heard lean manufacturing, saw flow charts and even continuous improvements team meeting boards.  Ah, well to each his own :)

Next stop, Sturgis Pretzel Factory, Lititz, PA (Thanks, Tom and Mary Ann).

You get a history of the house (1 small house, FOURTEEN kids), the additions for the ovens, the tools used and an idea of the salaries.  Who knew a pretzel twister would be considered skilled labor?  Then, you get to twist your own pretzel while you learn what each step means.  Complete with a pretzel twisting certificate.

After twisting, it is off to the ovens.

Final stop, Wilbur Chocolate.  Hershey's is not the only chocolatier in Pennsylvania!  This is a nice self guided tour to look through the history of Wilton - and select chocolates.  I even found a large bag of Dutch Process Cocoa!

What is the AMF connection?  For a period of time AMF (you know, the company that makes bowling pin setters?) owned Harley Davidson.  They also made the first pretzel machines used by Sturgis.

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