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Anything is good, in moderation. I cook because I love to and because I can share with those around me. I crochet for the same reason.

Do what you want to do, enjoy what you do and use it to touch those around you.

Jan 19, 2017

Chickpea Poppers

While knitting at Little Owl's Knit shop, my friend mentioned making Chickpea Poppers for a camping trip and they sounded wonderful - so I tried making them and they were as wonderful as they sounded.

30 Ounces Chickpeas
2 Tbl Olive Oil
1 Tsp Salt

Spicy Spice Mix:
3/4 Tsp Chili Powder
3/4 Tsp Cumin

Italian Spice Mix:
1 Tsp Italian Seasoning
1 Tsp Garlic Powder

Rinse and drain chickpeas - set aside until oven is heated.

Heat oven to 375 degrees and line a rimmed baking sheet with nonstick foil.

Toss the chickpeas with the olive oil, salt and ONE of the spice mixtures suggested above.  Spread on baking pan.  Bake for 35 to 40 minutes.  Remove to a paper towel lined bowl to remove some excess oil.  They will harden slightly and crisp up as they cool.  If they don't, return them to the baking sheet and bake for another 20 to 30 minutes.

If you want to make two pans, you can.  Put on two different baking racks in your oven - bake 30 minutes.  Switch racks.  Bake another 30 minutes.

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