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Anything is good, in moderation. I cook because I love to and because I can share with those around me. I crochet for the same reason.

Do what you want to do, enjoy what you do and use it to touch those around you.

Jan 27, 2017

Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup

Sweet Potatoes or Yams can be used for this soup - just get whatever is at your local market.

1 Tbl Olive oil
2 Tbl White Onion, Minced
8 Cloves Garlic, Minced
1/2 Cup Carrots, Chopped
2 Cups Sweet Potatoes, Peeled and Cubed
1 Tsp Salt
1 Tsp Cumin
1 Tsp Thyme
1 Tsp Hot Hungarian Paprika
1/2 Tsp Tumeric
1/4 Tsp Cinnamon
1 Tsp Hot Sauce
1/2 Tsp Black Pepper
15 Ounces Petit Diced Tomatoes
48 Ounces Vegetable Broth
1/2 Cup Peanut Butter

Place a large pot over medium heat.  Add the oil, onion, garlic and spices.  Cook for 1 minute.  Add the carrots and sweet potatoes, stir throgoulth.  Add a little broth - just enough to prevent sticking, cook for 5 minutes.  Increase heat to medium high and stir in tomatoes and remaining broth.  Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat to low and simmer for 25 to 30 minutes.  Use an immersion blender to break up potatoes and make it smooth.  Increase heat to medium and stir in peanut butter.  Cook for 5 more minutes and serve.

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