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Apr 25, 2013

Walking Goes Green(er)

Walking is great exercise and, depending on where you live, a great way to get where you go.  I started walking for fitness after I had an unfortunate motorcycle incident.  That incident left a dent on my leg that would re bruise with the slightest impact - for up to two years.  My boss suggested that I register for the Harrisburg Half Marathon in order to keep myself motivated to move.  In September 2010, I completed my first half marathon - walking.  Not a bad way to spend 3 to 4 hours on a beautiful morning.  Since then, I have completed a total of 15.

My fifteenth was a very nice walk through Lancaster county, starting and ending at Garden Spot village.  This event is especially nice for walkers as it is a combined half and full marathon.  In addition to the extra time afforded by the full marathon participants, they keep the finish line open as long as they need to. Combine that with a bag check, showers and an excellent food station at the end, it is a very nice event.  This year, they went green, as well.

Good running/walking events include water stops every 2 to 3 miles.  While some participants carry their own hydration, most take advantage of the water stations.  While a great service, it leads to a very high number of paper cups being disposed.  My 15th half marathon had a nice solution - HydraPouch.

HydraPouch is a soft sided drink container that has a clip on the back.

The water stations had the options of cups or water coolers with a hydrapour spout.  It was a 'handle' that allowed you to use your entire hand to press the button and fill the pouch.  It fills very quickly - possibly quicker than getting a cup from a volunteer.  It also allows you to keep water or Gatorade with you for slightly longer.  It did take a little getting used to drinking from - you have to overlap the top and hold it closed with a finger or your pour liquid over yourself.  I did not practice before I started and had an event at the first water stop.  After that, all went well.  I would definitely use it again. 

The biggest drawback that I can identify is that events need to purchase the spouts and commit to using them.  Elite runners may also choose not to use them, but it still appeared to be a reduction in cups I saw along the road as I participated in this event.  Learn more at

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