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Jun 27, 2013

Hammond Castle Museum

After lunch in Gloucester, we wanted to continue exploring but it was HOT and we had finally cooled down, so we looked for something to do indoors.  Pulled out the GPS and searched attractions and found a castle.  How could we pass it up?  As you approached the castle, the following plaque gave you a flavor of what was to come - and the stonework was beautiful.

Don't Blink.

Inside the front door is the gift shop.  Although a tour is always available, it is usually self guided.  We were fortunate to get there just as a tour by the curator began.  From the gift shop, you go down a stone spiral staircase to the main living area.  The staircase has windows with beautiful wooden covers.

Just off the bottom of the stairs is a small sitting room.

The reason you go down to the main living area is because the castle was built to house a pipe organ.  There are nine stories of pipes - the main living area is huge and amazing.  It houses a very eclectic collection, including a skull and a very large chair.  The pipe organ has a wonderful sound and was used for recitals.  The below picture shows the top of the pipes that began two stories below where we stood.  The ceiling above us was 7 stories up, so you will have to go see it for yourself, my camera just did not do it justice.

The castle was built for John Hammond's wife - it had over 20 rooms and they lived there with 4 servants.  The main living area was too large for Mrs. Hammond, so there was a smaller space off of the main living room.

From the main living area, you can go to the kitchen, the dining room or the pool.  Yes, this castle has a beautiful indoor pool.

As you continue the tour, you see beautiful bedrooms; a fantastic domed, circular library; and a laboratory!  Just when you think it could not get better, you are invited outside to see the drawbridge in front and the beautiful views behind.

To learn more about this fascinating home, go to their website and plan your trip.  Hopefully, this small sample of the history and beauty of this wonderful property will encourage you to try and like this gem in Gloucester.

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