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Jun 30, 2013

Rubbed and Mopped Ribs

I know, I have promised more information on where to stay and where to eat when in Cape Ann, but we have been home for less than 24 hours and our Big Green Egg is back in service, so I wanted to share a recipe first.  The following recipe was what we used the first time we made ribs on our egg.  As you can see from this picture, I did not follow my own instructions and wait for the meat to pull back from the end of the bone.  They were still very good, they were completely cooked, but they just didn't fall apart like I wanted them to - patience is key with ribs.

  2 Racks Pork Spareribs                                                           
  1/4 Cup Hot Hungarian Paprika                                                
  5 Tsp Black Pepper                                                                 
  5 Tsp Dark Brown Sugar                                                           
  1 Tsp Salt                                                                                 
  2 Tsp Celery Salt                                                                       
  2 Tsp Cayenne     
  2 Tsp Garlic Powder
  2 Tsp Dry Mustard
  2 Tsp Cumin
  1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar
  1/4 Cup Yellow Mustard
  1 Tsp Salt                                                                    

Mix all rub ingredients, set aside.

Remove the skin from each rack of ribs.  Coat with dry rub.  Let sit for at least 4 hours.  If refrigerating, return to room  temperature before cooking.

Heat the grill to about 300 degrees, set for indirect heat.  Add wood chips for smoke per your grill instructions.  Arrange ribs, meat side up, on grate over drip pan.  Cover the grill and smoke for an hour.

Meanwhile, mix your mop sauce.  After the hour, open the grill and mop the ribs.  Cook until ribs are tender and meat has shrunk back from the ends of the bones - about another hour.

And now, back to Cape Ann.

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