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Jun 25, 2013

Rockport, MA

Vacation Time!  The last few years have been spent in Corolla, NC and we had a fabulous time with friends.  This year, I wanted to see more of the country, so I asked Hubby to pick a direction.  He picked north.  So, I did some research and we landed in Rockport, Massachusetts at the Sea Mist Cottage (more to come on the cottage).

Rockport is a lovely community on Cape Ann that is very walker and dog friendly.  We walked everywhere - including getting caught in a rainstorm on the way back from dinner one night.  What is a vacation without sprinting through the rain?

There are well marked walking trails, ample sidewalks and lighthouses galore.  If you want to drive into the town, it is well worth the trip, but please note that their meters are enforced 7 days a week, so be prepared with change.

The first walking path I found led to an overlook that had this bench.  I thought it was such a wonderful saying, that I wanted to remember it.  The picture immediately following is the view that you could enjoy while sitting on the bench.

Continuing on my walk that morning, I found the following cove.

That was the end of the walk that morning, but this morning, I went left instead of right.  For my Doctor Who Fans - Go Left, Donna.  I found the Old Granite Pier.

On the way back from the pier, my artsy side took over.

And another angle of the hazy light house.

Come to Rockport, bring your walking shoes and explore.

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