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Jun 22, 2011

The Inside Track to new shoes

In the last year, I have address walking attire and the importance of spending money on proper shoes when walking for fitness.  What I did not realize at that time was the importance to getting professional fittings to ensure you get the proper shoes for your foot type and gait.  I recently replaced my shoes and purchased a half size larger - the actual size that my foot measured - and was rewarded with a HUGE blister in the center bottom of my heel.  Although the shoes were not cheap, I could not take the chance that I would continue getting blisters that would prevent me from walking, so I found myself at Inside Track

It was a great experience - just one look at the bottom of my old shoes told the salesperson that my shoes were pushing my foot out.  I then walked barefoot through the store so he could judge my gait.  14 pairs of shoes later, I had two styles that felt like I was wearing slippers.  I am still in Brooks sneakers, now I am wearing a shoe that is made for my foot and gait type.  So take the time, go to Inside Track (or find a store in your area that offers the same service) and get the right shoe.  You don't want the same issue I have - $100 shoes with less than 40 miles on that you can not use.  Anyone need a pair of Men's 9.5 Brooks GTS sneakers?

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