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Mar 30, 2012

Heavy Medal?

Once you start moving, you may find yourself moving at distances.  Walks, runs, triathlons, whatever moves you.  When you do, you may find yourself with a drawer full of what is affectionately called race bling in our house.  The first year of distances, we made a shadow box.  Three medals, one large box - the walls would get full fast.  Besides, attached to a box limits rotation and prevents from seeing text on ribbons when it appears.  So I went searching and found Gone for a Run.  They have a large selection of medal hangers as well as extenders, ribbon clips, running ID and safety, running and triathlon gear and much more.  They also had excellent customer service.  I ordered my Race Bling hanger (pictured below) before thanksgiving, so it could be in place and get the medals off of the mirror before they pulled it over.  The title isn't a joke, they are heavy.  Unfortunately, life happened, but hanging did not.  When we went to hang it two weeks ago, I discovered that I had lost the screws.  I contacted Gone for a Run and asked how I could order replacements.  They shipped them to me, free of charge.  I was very thankful, and now my medals are off of our mirror and nicely displayed.  So check them out - you'll be glad you did.

PS - They even have pre-made Easter baskets.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Still waiting for them to make the one that "speaks to me", but I know eventually, they will.