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Jul 8, 2012

Week 27 - 39.93

I thought this week would be my shortest week to date - which would have been a bit ironic as it was the first week of the second half and my previous shortest week was the first week.  However, I did better than expected, even with the house distraction.  Just goes to show that Abby helps keep me moving.  However, the 'short' week does keep me about 10 miles outside of our next destination - St Paul, Minnesota.  I am happy, however, that I have finally crossed the border into Minnesota after following the line for SO LONG.

Currently, I can verify that I am on the right track as I am on St Paul Park Road.  St Paul Park is not a park, as the name suggests, but a growing town on the outskirts of St. Paul.  It is, however, in the middle of a triangle made by Lion's Levee Park, Riverside Park and Heritage Park.  From the City of St Paul Park website, I found that it is a growing area:

"The City of St. Paul Park once a nearly fully developed community of 5,000 inhabitants has annexed approximately 600 acres of land for development.  The development of this land can potentially double our community size; allowing for opportunity to provide "life-cycle" housing, expand our commercial area, create new parks/open spaces, and maintain our "small town" feel.  St. Paul Park is along the eastern shore of the Mississippi River in Washington County, one of the fastest growing counties in the seven-county metro area.  St. Paul Park is conveniently located by freeway to downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul, and only 15 minutes east of the Mall of America."

When Hubby realized that last week was the half way mark, he asked if I was actually half way to my destination.  While I would also be curious to know the answer to that question, I am not going to look.  I want this to be just a tracking.  If I find that I am behind - or ahead of- my goal, it may impact what I do, and I would prefer that not to happen.  This year did actually put me in St Paul, albeit briefly, as we had the opportunity to drive from Fargo, ND to the St. Paul Airport.  While a long story, let me just say that it took us longer to get home from Bismarck, ND than it took our friends to get to Hawaii - by almost 24 hours.

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