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Anything is good, in moderation. I cook because I love to and because I can share with those around me. I crochet for the same reason.

Do what you want to do, enjoy what you do and use it to touch those around you.

Sep 5, 2012

Quinoa Casserole

Last night was a post about ancient grains, here is a recipe to use them.  I used red quinoa as I had never eaten it before, it was quite good.  If you don't have quinoa, you can substitute rice, but I would suggest brown or a mahogany mix. 

  1 Cup Quinoa, Cooked To Package                                         4 Clove Garlic, Minced
  -Directions                                                                               2 Cups Eggplant, Cubed
  8 Ounce Chorizo                                                                     16 Ounce Fire Roasted Tomatoes
  2 Cups Peppers, Chopped                                                        Salt, To Taste
  2 Tbl Olive Oil                                                                         Pepper, To Taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Spray a casserole dish with non stick cooking spray - set aside.
When Quinoa is cooked, pour into a large bowl.  While it cooks, brown sausage until almost cooked, stirring in peppers to soften toward the end.  Add to the bowl with the quinoa.  Add oil to sausage pan, cook garlic until fragrant.  Add eggplant and cook until soft.  Add to quinoa bowl along with tomatoes, salt and pepper.  Pour into casserole dish and bake for 25 - 30 minutes.

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