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Feb 17, 2013

"Don't Tie - Win"

The title of this post is the slogan adopted by Lock Laces.  Hubby came home from work with a package of Lock Laces.  One of his coworkers was at a vendor fair and the next booth was giving samples of Lock Laces.  Knowing that I like to walk distances, this coworker picked up a sample to give to me.  I'll admit, I was skeptical.  With feet that swell horribly, combined with narrow heels and high arches, the way I lace and tie my shoes can really cause issues if not done correctly.  I was afraid that they would either be too tight OR unable to be tightened enough to prevent heel movement without causing arch pain.  I was so skeptical that I put my shoe laces in the packet that the Lock Laces came in until I had some time to try them.

The idea of lock laces is to put them in your shoes, set them to the length that you need them, then cut off the ends and put them in a small clip.  I'll admit, I used them for almost a month before I made the final cuts, but now I am hooked.  Not only do they keep my shoes secure, they allow me to get out the door quicker and actually give me more flexibility for foot swell.  I have cut off my ends and ordered several more pairs.  So now, I don't tie, I win more flexibility with shoe fit and time in the morning.

Recently, there was a contest to win Lock Laces.  I entered this contest, but I did not win free laces.  What I did get was a coupon for 40% off that I could share with friends and family.  That information is below.  Try these laces, you will like them.  I know I did, and I already used my coupon.

We'd like to extend a  special 40% savings to you as a THANK YOU for participating in our first national magazine sweepstakes. Share this offer with your friends and families, too.  Now through February 20, 2013 at
Enter code: WINTODAY to receive 40% off your order. Offer only valid at Cannot be combined with any other offer. Shipping and Handling are not included. Single use coupon code. Expires 02/20/2013 at 11:59pm EST.

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