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Jul 4, 2013

Sea Mist Cottage

  If you are looking for a place to stay in Rockport, start (and hopefully end) your search with Sea Mist Cottage  This was the perfect place for Hubby and I to stay.  It was within walking distance of EVERYTHING - .4 miles was the longest distance.  Train stop? 2 blocks.  Dunkin Donuts?  2 blocks.   Roy Moore?  .3 miles.  T Wharf?  .2 miles.   There was a convenience store, a local market and a post office that we passed regularly.  

The cottage was extremely clean.  It is the first rental I have stayed in that included paper products, shampoo and soap.  While we did take our own toiletries, it was helpful.  The prior rental we stayed in, I was thinking hotel instead of rental space and had to send Hubby out for bath soap.  The two enormous skylights led to a very bright space as well as a wonderful place to watch nighttime thunderstorms.  

Even during those thunderstorms, we were able to sleep with the windows open.  While there was air conditioning available, we found that it was not needed often.  Even on the 90 degree days, we kept it off during the day.  When we returned from our travels, we turned the air on and went to dinner. When we retured, the cottage was cool, as was the outdoors, so we could turn off the air and open the windows.

Instructions were clearly outlined.

The request to strip the bed and start one load of laundry was not only reasonable, it was extremely simple because the washing machine was RIGHT THERE - detergent included.

Just inside the kitchen door is a wall full of hooks that made for a great place to hang everything - fleece tops, headbands, walking packs, lense cloths, tea towels, hats, bags....

Pat, the owner, was a wonderulf lady.  We took up at least 30 minutes of her time one two different occasions - and could have taken much longer, but we didn't want to impose.  Please visit the website for more photos, information and reservations.

So, now you have where to stay, where to eat and what to do.  Plan your trip to Cape Ann and have a wonderful time.  Come back and tell me what you think.

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