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Jul 2, 2013

Cape Ann - FOOD

  We arrived in Rockport just before supper time.  After unpacking the car and settling in, we went wandering.  During our travels, we found Roy Moore's Fish Shack.

The dining room had a bank of windows overlooking the harbor.  The menu had seafood as well as a nice selection for those that do not like seafood.  That night, we started our week off on the right foot, and we both ordered a boiled lobster.  We liked the experience, we went back three more times that week.  The BEST claim chowder, swordfish, a second lobster...all fantastic.  One note - when the menu says Large Garden Salad, it means LARGE salad.

Lunch number one in Rockport was at Top Dog - a hot dog shack extrodinaire.  The shack had 14 different hot dog options, and a 15th 'build your own' option.  They had fun names, too.  You have the option of having your dog steamed or grilled and there is a large selection of drink options.  

Lunch number two was at a local pizza and roast beef shop - Rockport House of Pizza and Roast Beef.  We were a little skeptical, as it seemed like an odd combination.  As we traveled, we saw that it was a common occurance, so we gave it a whirl.  We went, not sure what we wanted, and we saw something on the menu that we had seen other places - Linguica.  No idea what it was, so we just got pepperoni.  Then we researched.  Linguica is a somewhat spicy regional sausage that is common in Massachussetts, New Hampsire and other New England States.  Oddly enough, it is also popular in Hawaii, just about as far away as you can get.  It sounded good, so we went back and got another pizza the next day with the Linguica.  If you get a chance to try it, you should.

Now we travel to Gloucester.  We had enjoyed the lager from Cape Ann Brewing Company while at Roy Moore's.  When we were walking around Gloucester, we saw the brewpub, so we stopped in for a growler.  The next day, our kayak guide told us that they had excellent pub food, so off to Gloucester we went for supper.  They do indeed have great food - they make their own Habanero sauce that has a very nice kick.  They also had a differnt, but quite tasty, summer blend with rhubarb.

Last recommendation was from lunch in Salem.  We stumbled on Rockafella's.  It was the only time this week we had a vegetarian meal, and we loved it.   Hubby had a veggie wrap, I had a panini loaded with mushrooms, spinach, peppers and goat cheese.  The inside of the restaurant had a lot of character and, if there in the evening, they have a stage for live music and other events.

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