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Nov 12, 2011

Window Seat - Or Is It?

When we finally put furniture in our guest room, we decided that we no longer wanted to have a litter box in there.  Unfortunately, it was the only room where the cat could get in but the dog could not.  In addition, we had friends and family with small children and we did not want the litter box to be accessible to them, either.  Enter the window seat.

I looked for furniture that could multi-task.  Most pieces I was familiar with just looked like a side table with a flap or just a hole on the front.  That would not keep out a dog or a child.  Then I found this piece at - it looks like a window seat but has an opening on the side.

The cat has to go in, turn slightly to the left and through another opening to the litter box.  All but the smallest dogs would be kept out of this piece.  Ease of cleaning, you ask?  Piece of cake with a hinged lid.

We have had this piece for over a year and it works beautifully.  Our cat was 7 years old when we moved the litter box and he adjusted very well.  Another benefit is that it limits tracking to carpets.  As you can see in the above photo, a lot of litter comes off the paws in the pass through to the exit.

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