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Mar 12, 2013

Lebanon Valley Rail Trail

I took a walk on the Lebanon Valley Rail Trail recently.  I started at the trail head in Cornwall, PA (N 40 degrees, 16.581 minutes by W 76 Degrees, 24.710 minutes).  The parking area is uniquely identified by a barrel under a pavilion:

Abby was very excited to be out for a walk, so getting her to stand still to view the wealth of information provided was a challenge.

I started by crossing the road and heading toward Mount Gretna.  Not long after you cross the road, you come to a restored railroad bridge.

While walking, we saw many Snow Geese flying over - this section is not far from the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area that they like to rest.  Hubby was out hunting them that day and saw many more than we did, but most were just as far away.

We went about a mile and turned around because I just could not get my hands warm.  That could be related to all of the times i took my gloves off to take all of these pictures, because they were warm when we got back to the car, so we walked about two and a half miles the other way.  Abby was okay with the walker and the cows, but she saw her first horse and rider.

This section of the rail trail is especially horse and rider friendly as there is a parallel track for horses for most of the section that we walked.

So it is getting nice - get out there and get moving.  You'll be glad you did.

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