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Aug 17, 2011

Personal Security

Everyone is connected today - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, most of us have the option of posting every detail about our lives.  We don't think twice about posting pictures while we are on vacation, listing our schedules or commenting that we are out to dinner.  I have done all of these things, but I try and take a few steps to keep my family safe and questions I think about before posting and some things I choose not to do.

1.  Is anyone at home when I am posting that I am out and about? 
2.  I choose not to use four square to pinpoint where I am.
3.  I do not post my work schedule before I leave the house.
4.  I do not post pictures from vacation until I am home from said vacation.

Because we are all connected, it is easy, if not disturbingly simple, to get information.  Just because you only post something to your friends on Facebook does not mean they are the only ones that see it.  What if someone else is tagged in your photo?  Then they see it and all of their friends see it.  If you have a land line, go to Google and enter it.  You might be surprised what you see.  No land line?  Go to Yahoo! people search and search for your name.  I recently tried this with family who I only believe to have a cell phone and I was able to find their street, city and state.  Be safe.  Think before you post.

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