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Dec 11, 2011

Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area

Today, Hubby and I took Abby to Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area.  This is one of the newest outdoor recreation areas in Pennsylvania.  Hubby and I were introduced to it the weekend the entered via a local newspaper and radio station announcing their participation in the opening.  There are 1,025 acres of land with 12 miles of well marked and well maintained hiking trails.  Those trails also connect with other hiking trails in the area that are labeled with white blazes.  There is hunting allowed on 800 acres of this area, so wear appropriate attire during hunting season.  If you are taking your dog, there are orange vests available for them, too.  The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website has maps, recreation guides and events listings for you.  If you are a Criminal Minds fan, you will recognize the sign at the entrance of the park from an episode of the show.  The photo above is from the red trail.

Wondering what a Conservation Area is?  According to Wikipedia, a conservation area is different from a state park. Conservation areas have much less development on the lands than a state park. They are large tracts of land with few improvements, a lack of through roads and the recreational facilities are minimal. There is an effort to manage the resources with minimal development of the park.

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