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Apr 25, 2012

Pet Stop Pet Fence

Having a dog that runs faster than you do can be challenging - especially if you live on a road that people like to drive at 50 miles per hour when it is posted 25.  With our sheltie, I could cut her off before she got on 'her' road to greet people walking or running by.  We did not want to find out if I could outrun Abby, so when my in-laws offered a pet fence as a Christmas present, Hubby and I were all for it.  I started researching companies and came upon Pet Stop Pet Fence Systems.  When selecting this option, we liked the following:
  • They are manufactured in the US - specifically, Pennsylvania
  • They install.
  • They perform the initial training.  
  • Multiple settings are available on the system.
  • The latest version has a battery back up.
  • Rechargeable collars are available
  • Collars that blink are available
  • All this, and the right prices, too
We had a fence before - we tried to install it ourselves.  With rocky and hard ground, it was very difficult.  The old system no longer worked and did not work for the dogs we had, so we wanted someone who could install it for us.  We have about 2/3 of an acre and the install was done in under an hour - including setting all the perimeter flags.  The initial training is done immediately after the install.  It does involve a correction of the dog, so it is nice that someone else does it for you.  After the initial correction, you are only walking the perimeter of the fence with your dog, no further corrections.  The only inconvenience we had was walks.  The fence circles the entire perimeter of our yard and during the first month of training you are not to cross the fence with your dog on a leash.  So, to go for a walk, we had to put her in the car, drive across the street, and take her for a walk.  This was a minor inconvenience.  Once the first months was over, the flags were all taken up, we had to work on showing her where and when it was save to cross.  For us, we use the driveway and she is on a leash with one of us.  We also keep tags on her collar, so she jingles.  So, Jingle+Leash+Driveway+Mom or Dad = Safe.

The multiple settings are also nice.  We can have the field as strong as we need it to offer enough correction to stop her (we keep it on the lowest setting).  You also have multiple options for width of field so the dog gets warning beeps sooner if it takes longer to register/comply.  The most recent system was not available when we installed the fence, but the latest system offers a battery backup.  With how often the power went out last year, it would have been nice to have.  However, Abby now stops well before she ever receives an audible correction, so I do not think it will be an issue.

Collars - yes, they are a bit bulky, but they are smaller than the one we had with a previous fence.  In addition, you can have a batter operated or rechargeable option.  The batteries can get expensive and you may not have them when you need them.  We went with the rechargeable option and it only needs charged about every 8 weeks - and we use it almost every day.  It has been great to be outside doing landscaping and not have to worry about the dog getting away.  Yes, shoveling snow and landscaping have become work, kick the ball, work, kick the ball, but it is nice that she does not have to be away from us while working.  The collars also have a 'White Light Activator' option.  This allows you to set the collar to blink at night so you can see the dog while they are out.  We use it the nights we take the trash out late in the evening - we can see when she is across the yard.

Finally, although we would have paid more, the price was right.  The quote we received was half of what we had received from another company.  The original quote was about 8 years old.  If you have a yard and you have a dog, do you and your dog a favor - get a fence and be safe.  If you live in central PA, you can go to  If not, use the link above and enter your zip code.  You'll be glad you did.

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