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Jun 27, 2012

Corolla Horse and Kayak Tours

This morning, we took a wonderful three hour Jeep/kayak tour.  Starting with a jeep ride up sandy highway 12, weaving through the dunes, we found horses, osprey hatchling and a yellow-bellied slider.  We then suited up and took tandem kayaks through the channels on the sound side of the outer banks - with a brief foray into a VERY rough sound.  While paddling, we saw many more groups of horses, some young and some in the water.  While we have no pictures from the kayak trip, we do have some from the dunes that I will share when my friend shares them with me.

Don't let the comment on the rogh sound stop you from going.  We happened to have a very windy day and we were given the option of rescheduling.  However, the boats were flat bottom for stability and we were told that we could limit our time in the sound, so we went.  Once in the kayaks, we were given the option to avoid the sound all together.  We opted not to avoid it and the biggest thing I can say is I got a little more wet than I would have ona calm sound.

So, the next time you are in the Outer Banks, go to Outer Banks Tours in Corolla.  If your lucky, you'll have our guide, Schwinn (sorry if it is spelled wrong.). Get more information on this tours and their others at

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