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Anything is good, in moderation. I cook because I love to and because I can share with those around me. I crochet for the same reason.

Do what you want to do, enjoy what you do and use it to touch those around you.

Jun 6, 2012

Mush One - Low family

While going through mom's recipes, I found two Mush Recipes.  This one came from my mother's side of the family.  Tomorrow, you get the Ronk version.

Mush is a concoction of water and corn meal that can be used as a side dish or served with milk as a breakfast food.  It is very similar in taste and texture to polenta.  When served as I side dish, I will top with cheese and possibly stir in some spices complimentary to the meal being served.

  1 Cup Water, Cold                                       3 Cups Water, Boiling
  1 Cup Corn Meal                                         1 Tsp Salt

Mix cold water and corn meal.  Stir in boiling water and salt.  Cover and cook 30 minutes in double boiler, stirring occasionally.

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