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Jun 16, 2012

Meat prep - grinding

As I look through old recipes and start making them, I am finding references to ground meats that are not always found in today's markets. For example, my grandmother-in law's ham loaf calls for ground smoked ham and ground pork (not sausage - pork). You can find bulk sausage - ground pork with, many times, just salt and pepper added, but that isn't what was called for - you will be adding your own salt and pepper. So, what to do? The way I see it, you have 4 options:

1. Don't make the recipe - but that defeats our purpose of keeping them alive, doesn't it?

2. Find a butcher who will grind for you. I called my local grocer and they can only grind beef in their grinders.

3. Find a friend who has a grinder and ask to use it.

4. Purchase a grinder. I went with option 4 a several times.

Hubby hunts and, when he is successful, we process the meat. We purchased a small grinder/stuffer and it worked, but SLOWLY.  It died, it was replaced with a similar model, then hubby was VERY successful and I didn't want to get half way through the process just to have it die, so I went to Bass Pro Shops and sought professional help (no comments from the peanut gallery - you know who you are!). I came home with this:

This grinds, stuffs multiple sizes, can run for extended periods of time and has convenient options, such as a foot pedal. It processed ground venison, made bologna and even stuffed small breakfast sausage casings like a champion. I highly recommend it. The did have two smaller and one larger, as well, depending on your needs. Bass Pro had exceptional customer service, as well. Not only are they dog friendly, when I had everything unpacked, there was no knife. Instead of making me return the entire thing, they pulled a replacement blade off the shelf and sent me on my way.

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  1. what?!? you don't have to crank it like we did growing up. What fun is that? LOL