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Aug 11, 2012

Food Saver

If you garden, hunt, shop at farmer's markets or belong to a CSA, a food saver will be your friend.   No?  If you cook, marinade, have leftovers, buy in bulk, a food saver will be your friend.  Food Saver is a registered trademark of a line of tools used to preserve food and so mich more.  Ours has been used to freeze corn, venison, sausage, green peppers, and lots of other items.  It prevents freezer burn, make it easy to freeze individual portions and has a handy label strip so you can record date, item and weight.  You can get containers to put individual portions of leftovers into that can then be sealed and used for lunches.  By virtue of the vacuum seal, they last longer.

Recently, I also discovered using the food saver to marinade food.  It was used for the tenderloin recipe posted earlier and I put 4 duck breasts in one earlier this week.  The vacuum cycle allows for quick marinade, but you can let it sit longer as well.

While they can be purchased many places, I prefer to order directly from - coupons, specials and great service make them hard to beat.

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