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Aug 21, 2012

Just Call

Recently, we had to travel for an illness in the family at the very last-minute.  Chances of finding a kennel for an undetermined length of time?  Slim to none, so we had two choices - one of us didn't go or find a pet friendly hotel.  Here is what I found that may be helpful to you:

1. is an excellent start to your pet friendly hotel search.  They gave me an excellent list to start from and, while I did not book through them this time, they are very helpful when booking online or by phone.

2.  Always ask what the pet policy is - it will keep you from being caught in a difficult situation.  The first hotel I booked had an additional pet fee - not unusual.  They also had a policy that the pet should not be left unattended.   We were going to a hospital and she is not a certified therapy dog - taking her was not an option, that is why we were taking her portable kennel.  Had I not asked, we would have been in a bind.

3.  Always call the hotel in question - I have found that most Best Western's are dog friendly, but not on  Not only did calling give us another option, it saved us money.  The website showed that they were all booked, but calling allowed me to find that they keep a room for hospital families at a special rate.   Instead of $149, it was $82 (plus the $15 pet fee)

Go forth and travel with your dog - it is a lot of fun and, even in situations like this, less stressful.

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