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May 9, 2012

Landscaping - Part 2

After removing the old mulch, fabric and cutting sod, we had a blank slate.  I intended on just putting down stone, so we found ourselves at Lawns Unlimited.  They offered a wide selection of mulch and stone in various sizes and colors.  We selected a pea sized sandstone and went to the office to order it.  I had measured what we needed, but it was still hard to say the words "10 Tons."  After ordering the stone, we went to pick up the rose bushes that prompted the project and Lowe's to purchase a replacement holly bush.  While there, we selected stepping stones as well.  When we got home, the bushes were planted.  The Holly bush has officially been designated as Abby's bush as she helped dig the hole.

Then the stone arrived.  When delivered, I was shocked about the small amount. 

I started moving it and finished the holly bushes and rose bushes in a few days.

As we drew nearer to the newly created front beds, Hubby took one look and said we needed plants.  Of course we did, so off to Ashcomb's we went.  Ashcomb is a local nursery that offers older, well established plants.  In addition, they have gifts and gourmet foods.  While I will purchase some plants at Lowe's, we were looking for a specific plant as well as older plants.  It will take several years for our plants to mature, we did want to get the oldest we could.  In addition, we wanted to support a local business.  Ashcomb's had what we wanted - Red Twig Dogwood.  We selected the 5 we needed and hubby decided that we needed more, so we found a complimentary Crapemyrtle.  Plants purchased and home, we set them in place and found we still had holes.  Back to Ashcomb's we went for Lilac and Juniper.  We had a plan from local garden expert, but the juniper he recommended were not available, so the staff at Ashcomb's was very helpful with selecting alternatives.  Plants home, in place and ready to go on Friday evening. 

Saturday morning, we placed the stepping stones and I started digging holes while hubby mowed.  Once I had enough plants in the front, hubby worked on moving stone.  After a very productive day, we had the plants in and the stone done. 

One more run for plants netted us primrose for the front of the path and a rhododendron to connect the roses and the lilacs. 

While it was a lot of work, it is very satisfying to have a completed landscaping project.  Made even more so when a landscaper who was driving by stopped to say that the projects looked great and that she would hire me to work for her clients.

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